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Why I’m Not Losing Sleep Over the Election Fallout

Reposting a blog from a writing aquaintance and brother in Christ.

Balance is my immediate thought….

My prayer is that truth will be revealed and that truth will prevail!

Thanks, David, for another thoughtful piece of writing 🙂


By David Ettinger

Angry and Distracted
What is happening here in the U.S. as a result of last week’s Presidential Election is exactly what I feared.

Before the elections, a number of people I spoke to on both sides expressed the same sentiment: “Whoever wins, I hope it’s a blowout.” In the wake of all the extraordinary occurrences of 2020, the last thing we wanted was a protracted, heated, and nasty election fallout. Sadly, this is exactly what we have.

With charges of voter fraud savagely swirling, President Trump supporters are not only licking their wounds at having (apparently) lost the election to Joe Biden, but are incensed by what they view as widespread corruption perpetrated throughout voting sites of battleground states.

And it is wearing on many of them. I know people who are so angry and distracted that they cannot get their work done, or at least function…

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2 comments on “Why I’m Not Losing Sleep Over the Election Fallout

  1. Brian Harris
    November 11, 2020

    God saw the result before the beginning of time and He is still on the throne no matter what happens. The ‘church’ needs to get down on it’s knees and repent before God of the things it has done wrong and see that God is not interested how flash your building looks like, he wants pure hearts who are willing to share the good news with the lost.


    • annj49
      November 11, 2020

      Yes, judgement (repentance, or purifying discipline) begins at the “house” of God (the church, the believers, the body of Christ) 1st Peter 4:17, and surely we are to show the way in that, be an example to the rest of the world out there, but we need to not be beaten down by it, or condemned, because we must realize that we are forgiven. Jesus shed his blood for ALL of it, past, present and future and though it is humbling and brings its own sorrow in the process, it should also be a matter of deep comfort and joy.

      Our process of repentance as a body doesn’t resolve things for others, however, as some profess, since repentance and forgiveness is always ultimately an individual matter and tied to personal salvation and regeneration, which is followed by the process of sanctification, a lifelong work of God in us.

      Go’s is on the throne. He is sovereign. His will WILL be done. No matter how it looks to us from our limited view, nothing can ultimately thwart it.

      Just some thoughts stirred by your comment…..

      Thanks, Brian!


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