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Monthly Archives: December, 2020

Eating Out in Covid (Or, Adventures With Eva)

A lady friend (Eva) and I went on a trip yesterday. The trip was originally planned to pick up a piece of furniture, a bed, from an elderly couple down … Continue reading

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Holiday Blessings

Counting the blessings, even in the strangeness of this Covid season…… AJ ❤

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Christmas Angel

I was sent this and thought it was quite lovely! Ann

December 25, 2020 · 1 Comment

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2020 · 2 Comments

Facts girl as WH press secretary: Kayleigh McEnany sweetly savage

Kayleigh McEnany, who looks like she should be hanging on the arm of a PGA golfer sipping a Mimosa, is President Trump’s cudgel for the press. Behind… Facts girl as … Continue reading

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Two Worlds…..

Here……. And Heaven…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was exhausted. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally….. I slept. I cried. I felt better. I got up and made myself a coffee and reached for my little … Continue reading

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It seems like every year I experience uncomfortable misgivings about December, rather than excitement or anticipation. In fact, this year, in these extra stressful Covid times, I have had an … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity

Are things always what they appear to be? Do we really see what we think we see? An online friend sent me this recently in Facebook messenger. I glanced at … Continue reading

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Twelve Days of Christmas

Not a trace of seriousness to be found here. Just a really good LAUGH! Enjoy!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!! Ann ❤

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Senior Moments……and Storage Solutions!

Storage and cleaning up….It was much on my mind this morning…Make sure to watch through to the end! 😉 😜 (roffle, roffle…..) Should absolutely make your day! AJ

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