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A taste of FAITH, a touch of LAUGHTER.


It seems like every year I experience uncomfortable misgivings about December, rather than excitement or anticipation. In fact, this year, in these extra stressful Covid times, I have had an unpleasant thought which went like this: “I HATE December!!!!!”

It seems that there is never enough December for me to get my head around it in time for Christmas, and it sits on me rather heavily, like a solid 100lb weight. I become immobile.

I miss my husband every year, even though he would always start reminding me about the coming season early in November, by starting to play his collection of Christmas music. It was too early for me!

My Jim at Christmas…..

It hasn’t changed this year, though I did begin decorating early for a change. I don’t usually do that. So I am here sharing my so far decorated “tree”.

The tree was a wall hanging that I fell in love with the moment I saw it and decided this was something I could splurge on. It took me quite some time to realize that it could be a seasonal tree, because I was just enjoying the beautiful simplicity of the design. Anything can happen!

The original tree, simple but beautiful!

Each year, so far, it has been increasingly “festooned” with Christmas ornaments. Now, for the first time, it even has lights!!!

Wonders will never cease!

One of the wonders that should never cease, however, does not have a lot to do with COVID, my feelings, my memories, Christmas ornaments, or even a tree, though both the season and the tree remind me of what I like to think of as the real reason for Christmas. It has to do with a person.

Remembering this brings me back to a healthier perspective about Christmas and COVID. It’s not so much about the restrictions of Covid, the presents, the decorations, the rush and bustle to get things done, and sometimes the abject failure to do so. That is stress.

No, it’s about the remembrance that there is a greater purpose in all things. a gift that surpasses Christmas as the world knows it, a much more important gift. It’s one that brings peace and comfort into every distressed area of life imaginable, and that is the very real presence of Christ, who was born into this world so that we all might have life and have it abundantly.

That puts everything into perspective! Things come into proper focus.

The Promise

The Gift.


The Hope….

He is coming again!


I can rest……

Merry Christmas, in Him ❤


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