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Is this normal? A WordPress question.

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone else is having the same problem I am, or if I am hacked somehow at WordPress? Is that possible?

When I click from my stats page to go to my blog, something new comes up I have not seen before. It no longer takes me directly to my blog page but to a page that will redirect to my blog page, which is an additional step I don’t like or need! I now have to press the box with the up arrow to go to my real page. It seems other strange things are happening too. Not sure what’s going on. Does anyone know?

Here is a pic of what it looks  like when I try to access my page from stats as I often do:


Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.36.15 PM.png


Please let me know if this has happened to you….



14 comments on “Is this normal? A WordPress question.

  1. Tammi Kale
    July 9, 2016

    The only time I see this window within the window is when I’m previewing a post before I publish it. Good luck – I hope it resolves it itself – like now!

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    • annj49
      July 9, 2016

      Yes, that’s when I’ve seen it, but never when trying to get to my blog page. It’s weird….


  2. LydiaA1614
    July 9, 2016

    Yes, this is the preview mode and when you go to the page from stats this is what you now get. Maybe if enough of us complain they might change it back.

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    • annj49
      July 9, 2016

      I don’t LIKE it! 😦
      Glad to hear it’s not just me!
      Thanks for the info…
      Maybe I will complain! 😉 😛

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      • LydiaA1614
        July 9, 2016

        I just figured it out! If you click on the square with the diagonal arrow beside the X in the top left hand corner of the preview, it will take you to your live site. Hope that helps! 🙂

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        • annj49
          July 9, 2016

          Yes, but it’s an extra step that wasn’t needed before! I did do that before I wrote asking about this and found that out but it’s so unnecessary 😦 That is my complaint…..I do not understand the need for that extra step, and I thought maybe it made more sense that somehow I was hacked or something…..

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  3. Thumbup
    July 10, 2016

    It’s happening to me too!


  4. marquay
    August 6, 2016

    I thought i was alone!

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  5. marquay
    August 6, 2016

    You can check out my blog 😃

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