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Stalker Alert!

Help! I’m being stalked!   O.o

I don’t like this. I wish I could be left alone, but it seems that every time I turn around, there is the stalker. Saying “NO!” out loud doesn’t seem to work, nor does shouting and complaining, getting angry, saying “I’m DONE with you!”, or even ignoring the whole procedure. It seems to just make it worse. This whole thing is really getting on my nerves.

A neighbour actually saw and recognized the stalker, so I did finally get a name. It’s Bill…and Bill just keeps coming around. It started out every month, then every week, and now it’s almost an every day occurrence.

Ugh! I’m at my wit’s end! It’s so annoying! Can someone help me out here and tell Bill to just leave me alone? For good? Please? Anyone?

I’m getting to the place where I hate Bill, because Bill has even enlisted the entire family to bother me as well. Bill has a large family and now all of them are in on it as well. Every cotton picking’ one of them!

As a result, I’ve now got Hydro Bill, Gas Bill, Phone Bill, Cable Bill, etc… all stalking me! It never ends!



(I paid them all off today! GOOD RIDDANCE to the Bill family. I hope I never see ANY of them ever again!)




AJ 😉

(I hope you worried just a bit before you smiled.)

Haha! 😉 😛




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