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Unity And Hope – Part One – Why Is It So Impossible?

I love the way this blog post relates the questions to each other, to bring out all the points about our choices and the consequences of our particular choices.
There is much food for thought here. As it is, I have been thinking much about the consequences of having a 2 party government, so highly in opposition to each other in views, and how that affects policies and choices, as well as relationships between people of opposing parties.
We don’t have that in Canada, so it’s different and perhaps not so heated as far as discussion and choices go.

Waiting for part 2……

~Idiot Writing~

We forgot to live.
We are falling for it.
When WILL we not be afraid?
When will we feel safe?
Will we walk our streets at night without fear?

What is a left and right wing agenda?
Which of these do we fall into?
Which will please us?
What makes us feel the world will be alright?

Will we be able to agree completely on any of these questions 100% of the time?
What will make our fear subside?

Is it when a wall is around us to protect us, or free to roam and run?

Is it when there is no walls to left to place ourselves behind should we wish to be left alone?

Is it when we have enough guns to obliterate yourselves alongside everyone else?

Is it when all the guns are supposed to be gone and someone pulls one on us?

Is it when there is no…

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