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Another Sea Walk

Feb. 4, 2018

It was a good day for a walk out at Willow Point, on the Sea Walk. It wasn’t too cold, or too wet, and not overly windy either.

I wanted to walk. I needed to walk. I was glad when my man friend and good companion suggested it and was eager to go.

I’m trying to increase my activity through the Pacer phone app which counts my steps. It’s an encouragement to see the step totals and the average amount of steps increase over time, even though I have experienced a long bout of vertigo recently.

We passed the famous big rock again (a different blog), and went on to a little park, where we sat for a while, admiring the ocean. Then I took some pictures, as usual. It’s what I do.

There was the Rotary Club monument, and sign.

There was a man carved with a flowing beard next to the monument.

There was the duck carving, first place in the novice category. We joked about it coming to life and chasing me down. Haha! 😉

There was the butterfly/caterpillar life story carved onto a post.

I found it interesting that this was a kind of memorial park, with memory plaques and spots dedicated to people who had passed on. The spots were decorated in different ways, some with carvings, sayings, pictures, or painted stones. I thought it was a lovely idea, one that might be carried out in other places.

The walk back entailed a quick visit to Fogg Dukkers café for coffee and hot chocolate. That was a welcome break. That’s an interesting little café almost on the beach, full of quirky signs, some carved posts, some painted stones, a cozy fireplace and a nice view of the waters.

We were off again, physically refreshed from our brief stop. We were on our way back to the car, and then home.

I’m glad we took the time to walk today. There is always something new and interesting to see, to capture. It’s a blessing, for which I am thankful!

Ann ❤

3 comments on “Another Sea Walk

  1. Eva
    February 6, 2018

    Sounds Ducky! 🦆 🦆 🦆 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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