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Coffee and Church

IMG_5553This was an interesting Facebook discussion today. I had to comment:

“Any church I have been to has coffee/tea/juice/water available after service so that people can mingle and chat instead of going home directly. It’s a social thing and also an opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts about the sermon, have a bit of a visit and fellowship with other believers, strengthen, encourage, pray for, and so on. It’s not selling goods. I don’t believe that it is detrimental to the church. I think it’s beneficial.”

i appreciate this article (someone posted it in a comment) because though the writer is critical of the coffee bar idea, the piece brings out much that is or can be neglected in the doing of such an activity. It’s the same for any other thing we do that is church related. We can lose focus on the most important elements. I think the article is thought provoking and is very positive and useful, despite the contrary opinion with regard to coffee and church.

Have a read and see what you think…


Enjoy your day, with or without coffee!


AJ ❤



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