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Hot, hot, HOT!!!!!!

Hot Peppers!

I cooked up something different for my son last night. He is visiting me for a while. I needed to make a meal out of what ingredients I had on hand. He had very thoughtfully brought me a burger and fries for lunch earlier in the day, and he was hungry again, so, though I was a bit tired, I went to see what I could find.

Hmm. There was a package of stir fry steak, a jar of Alfredo sauce, onion, some white rice (I prefer brown) and some small hot peppers I was given by my last guest, who had warned me about them, along with some others I had been given. Surely I could make something out of all that!

Well, it turned out that I used too much of my friend’s hot pepper, even though I only cut up ONE of them. The meal was FAR too HOT! We both ate it though and drank lots of cold water while oohing and aahing throughout our plight. It was good, and tasty. Just very HOT!!!

I thought about the cancer prevention series I had just finished watching and remembered the one therapy with hot peppers. Maybe I’d kill any lingering cancer cells! That would be a bonus!

I must have gotten it all over my hands when cutting it up and, rather unfortunately, I transferred it into one eye by rubbing it after supper. Oooooh! NOOOOO! HOT!!!!!!

I thought I would never sleep as the hot pepper seemed to burn its way through my body. I hurt every time I rubbed my eyes by mistake, despite multiple hand washings. I was scared I’d end up in emergency for over indulgence of peppers! 😉

Happily, all the discomfort was gone by the time I woke up. Thank goodness! Not sure I want to repeat that experience…

Cured of cooking with hot peppers, I think! 😉

AJ 😉

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