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Pen Pals. Where are they now?

Did you ever do the pen pal thing thing when you were growing up? I’m just wondering about your experience with it.

I remember two people specifically, though some details escape me now.  It’s handy when people write info on old photos, as one of the girls did. I think we might lose something in digital photography, though some details can be recorded in places like Facebook or other photo storage websites.

Anyway…..I’m going to share my pen pals here. Who knows? Maybe I will find these two pen friends some day…..that would be AWESOME!!!!!

The first is Nicole, from France. What escapes me is how we first got in touch and why. I know I have a couple of letters somewhere in my things, in my old house perhaps. I’m thinking I should try to find those letters for clues.


So, where is she now? What became of her? I’m curious but really don’t have a clue how to go about finding out these things.

The second pen pal came from Finland, I think, but I am no longer certain. Maybe it was Sweden or Norway. There are some buildings in the pic and some language clues on the back. Can anyone help with that?

The name of this second girl escapes me right now, perhaps because of unfamiliarity with her language. I wonder why and how we became pen pals? I will need to think hard….again, there will be old letters somewhere, but here is the pic and the print info from the back.

So, I know it was interesting and I had fun having pen pals. I just wish I could recall MORE of the experience.

How about you? Did any of you ever have a penpal? Did any of you ever meet up with a penpal? Are you willing to share your experience?

AJ ❤

August 22, 2015


Update: November 11, 2015

The first girl, from France, is Nicole Lebreton, and the time frame is between 1966 and 1970. One of the postmarks is in Paris, in 1970.

The second girl is Viveca, from Rauma, Finland, and the time frame is 67-68.

I was living in Scotland at the time of this correspondence…..




One comment on “Pen Pals. Where are they now?

  1. annj49
    November 11, 2015

    Reblogged this on Ann's Corner and commented:

    I’ve found more info and added it at the bottom of the post.
    It would be fun to relocate these two pen pals!


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