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Rethinking Infidelity

A challenging talk on marriage and infidelity.

Hope and truth for those who are hurting and a challenge for those who participate.

What do you think about this?

4 comments on “Rethinking Infidelity

  1. gw
    May 21, 2015

    The subject seems be like the subject of the weather – everybody talks about it but nobody really does anything about it. But she does describe our culture’s devolving attitude about it fairly accurately. Interesting video.


    • annj49
      May 21, 2015

      I liked very much that she saw much hope for resolution in the situation


    • annj49
      May 21, 2015

      And she stressed the need for accountability and repentance, not exactly in those terms but definitely in that nature


      • gw
        May 21, 2015

        The thing is she speaks in very broad terms, when it really comes down to individual cases or couples. One case can’t be applied to all cases. The hope is definitely there if both parties affected desire resolution and healing. When a couple came to me for counseling and it emerged there had been adultery in the relationship, the first thing I would ask is if resolution had been reached or desired.

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