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Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Much Needed Maintenance

I did not know the anatomy of a windshield wiper until now 🙂 All I knew is that mine were completely shot. I was unaware of the importance of the … Continue reading

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Anyone else get these? I don’t know how many times I tried before giving up… AJ

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Neuroscience Made Simple Fascinating clip. Interesting experiment. Science can be FUN! 😉 AJ

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Spontaneous Order This was interesting. I had not heard of “Spontaneous Order ” before this, though I may have witnessed such a thing at some point in my past when traffic … Continue reading

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Can anyone help me understand why my posts from my phone app regularly lose some content once they are posted to WordPress? This has happened several times now after I … Continue reading

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It’s True!

Yup! I just love this pic….. And…..I love my chocolate 😉 AJ ❤

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WordPress is acting up! I type a title, post a pic, write an article, publish it and then only the pic shows up. The article is gone. GRRRRRRR! Not a … Continue reading

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A Free Drink

One of those totally unplanned happy event  “if I hadn’t gone there, I wouldn’t have met this old friend” days……. COOL! I remembered late today that I had been given … Continue reading

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This is totally ME! Haha! 😉 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Head north (south, east, west)…..” Uh-huh. I never know which way is north…..or any other of those directions. I grew up in Scotland, … Continue reading

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A Moment in Jewish History Powerful moment of celebration at the time of liberation. I love this very haunting song. AJ

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