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Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Much Needed Maintenance

I did not know the anatomy of a windshield wiper until now 🙂 All I knew is that mine were completely shot. I was unaware of the importance of the … Continue reading

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Anyone else get these? I don’t know how many times I tried before giving up… AJ

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Neuroscience Made Simple Fascinating clip. Interesting experiment. Science can be FUN! 😉 AJ

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Spontaneous Order This was interesting. I had not heard of “Spontaneous Order ” before this, though I may have witnessed such a thing at some point in my past when traffic … Continue reading

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Can anyone help me understand why my posts from my phone app regularly lose some content once they are posted to WordPress? This has happened several times now after I … Continue reading

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It’s True!

Yup! I just love this pic….. And…..I love my chocolate 😉 AJ ❤

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WordPress is acting up! I type a title, post a pic, write an article, publish it and then only the pic shows up. The article is gone. GRRRRRRR! Not a … Continue reading

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A Free Drink

One of those totally unplanned happy event  “if I hadn’t gone there, I wouldn’t have met this old friend” days……. COOL! I remembered late today that I had been given … Continue reading

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This is totally ME! Haha! 😉 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Head north (south, east, west)…..” Uh-huh. I never know which way is north…..or any other of those directions. I grew up in Scotland, … Continue reading

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A Moment in Jewish History Powerful moment of celebration at the time of liberation. I love this very haunting song. AJ

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A Political Statement?

  I spotted this on my walk the other day. A novel way to make a statement, don’t you think? I wondered who wrote it. I wondered  why it was … Continue reading

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In Love With The Dandelions

    I took Pandora for a walk along the back lanes the other day and was fascinated by the dandelions, amongst other things. Mostly the dandelions.    I tried to … Continue reading

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I Gave My Heart To Jesus….Or Did I?

I Gave My Heart to Jesus, Or Did I? I wrote this two years ago, on Facebook, but it still bears sharing today…… April 11, 2013, 4 am As Christians, … Continue reading

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We were all humans until….

Originally posted on A Small Act Of Kindness Can Bring Smile On Million Faces:

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Broken Girl For all the “broken” girls (I was one)…. Let the love and grace of God heal all of your hurts and make you whole again. AJ ❤

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Walking Pandora 

I’m pet walking again. It allows me a little pocket money, lets me have some enjoyable exercise and fresh air, meet other dog owners along the way, and feel like … Continue reading

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Supper time!

I was out at my niece’s for a nephew’s birthday party the other day. We enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner, followed by birthday cake and other desserts, and a time … Continue reading

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Names of God A song for Easter… Some of the many names of our awesome God….. AJ

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Easter Thoughts

Some food for thought from Ann Voskamp. Two Easter devotionals (see below). I like very much the references to a one piece robe and a one piece life. It makes … Continue reading

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Buttons Again!

Jayden, my granddaughter, is back and the buttons are out again. Sorting is fun! We can do this for hours! She had said, “Grandma, I’m bored!”. So we went to … Continue reading

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