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This is totally ME!

Haha! 😉


“Head north (south, east, west)…..”

Uh-huh. I never know which way is north…..or any other of those directions. I grew up in Scotland, where streets were higgeldy piggedly, twisted and turning, in no particular order , so you needed to identify landmarks when giving directions. Give me the good old British landmark kind of directions, like “Turn left at the house with the red roof, and keep on going til you see the sign for —- by the church on the right at the corner of the street, shortly after you pass the bank.” Haha!

Life in Canada is different. Here we have mostly straight streets and orderly blocks. Directions involve street names at intersections and numbers of blocks to your destination. Or, you google and a friendly voice leads you to the right spot.

Directions in Manitoba, however (I was there to look after my granddaughter), involved a lot of north, south, east and west also. I was lost once somewhere on the road in the middle of nowhere (totally Google Maps’ fault, since I was following their instructions). I called a friend and was told to go north on a road I had finally reached.  My response.  “I don’t know which way that is….I’m at the road. Do I turn left, or right?” She had no clue where I was either, so she could not help til I arrived at a restaurant she could identify. Then we were able to sort it out properly 😉

I can identify 😉


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