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Spontaneous Order
This was interesting. I had not heard of “Spontaneous Order ” before this, though I may have witnessed such a thing at some point in my past when traffic lights failed on a street. However, I was reminded of a recent incident that caused me to relate to at least one point of this video.
I like to travel on one of the quieter streets in town because it cuts out most of the lights I would encounter on the main streets, and it has mostly four way stops, which are usually quick to navigate, but one day last week, the traffic slowed down and I saw that there was almost a full block of traffic ahead seemingly stalled and then literally crawling. At that point, I could identify with what this fellow was saying in the clip, because those vehicles became OBSTACLES in the way of my destination! I did not care who was in them or what had happened. I just wanted to get past them!
It was at a four way stop, so the backlog filtered out VERY slowly as I schemed a way to drive past them all in the left turn lane and then maybe sneak across the road? Haha!
Instead, I waited my turn patiently and was relieved to find that the pile up wasn’t all going the same way I was in the end. What a relief 😉
Yup, though I’m pretty good natured generally in traffic, I could certainly identify with the video as far as seeing obstacles is concerned. It’s true that people aren’t all bad. Sometimes the best emerges.
So, when we look at our sometimes trying circumstances, what do we see? Obstacles, or opportunities to practice an innate sense of order? I hope the latter.
Spontaneous order is a good concept 😉

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