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Can anyone help me understand why my posts from my phone app regularly lose some content once they are posted to WordPress? This has happened several times now after I publish from the phone app. It just happened with my post “Spontaneous Order”. I have tried to fix it by copying, pasting, and redoing, but it won’t set the spaces.

It’s frustrating to have to redo a post, to try to remember exactly how I wrote something I worked hard to finish for publishing. It’s never quite the same.

Also, on the actual WordPress site, when I try to edit it from there instead, so that I won’t lose anything more, the paragraph spaces disappear, making all the writing wedged up in one block. I can go to edit on the webpage here and make changes, but they just will not show up in the published article. I did this last post on the laptop and I see my spacing is displayed just how I wanted it.

What’s going on?


5 comments on “Help!

  1. mstoywhisperer
    April 27, 2015

    Been there…but can’t help. I have trouble on my tablet stews with default formatting also. Ill be watching for comments here myself…


  2. mstoywhisperer
    April 27, 2015


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  3. Veronica
    April 27, 2015

    I am noticing that the WP app is not reliable. I haven’t posted anything through the app yet since they just launched the newer version recently. And I was hesitant due to bugs. There were some loading issues on my end which freezes up the screen. I would suggest contacting support. Sounds like they need to improve the posting feature. Very frustrating. Sorry I couldn’t help.

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