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Supper time!

I was out at my niece’s for a nephew’s birthday party the other day. We enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner, followed by birthday cake and other desserts, and a time for gifts. There were lots of kids and everyone had an enjoyable time.

Things were cleared away efficiently after supper and most people were either leaving or getting ready to leave. As I was on my way out, one of the last to leave, I noticed there was still more activity in the kitchen and I saw this. I quickly took the pic above.

My niece is a dog groomer, and a pet rescuer, and yes, she regularly has this many dogs in her home, needing their supper after patiently waiting through all of ours. The dogs come in all shapes and sizes, many different natures and characters. All need to be fed and cared for, something my niece loves to do and does with much care.

I thought it made for a great pic.

Mealtime at Maggie’s.

AJ ❤

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