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Money Management


I struggled with money on an off over the years after coming to Canada from the UK in the very early seventies. I arrived here with cash in hand and no debt to my name. I had no clue about credit cards. Those were unfamiliar to me. 

I realised there was a problem with this later in the seventies, when I went to my bank to apply for help with the purchase of a mobile home. I could get no credit because I had no debt. The bank asked me to create an artificial debt which I would repay, to establish some credit history. I did this. Welcome to the world of loans and credit cards!

I created a sizeable debt at one time, which became unmanageable due to unforeseen circumstances, and found Mary Hunt’s site and materials. I used her Rapid Reduction Debt Repayment Plan to work myself right out of debt. Such a good feeling! I learned some of the valuable tricks to creating financial freedom. However, I did stupidly become entangled once more later on. 

Now I pay attention closely to her financial strategies and live on a budget which restricts my immediate spending and allows me to save at the same time. I like having a freedom account and a bit of planned funding to play with as I cut other spending drastically using her principles.

I hope someone here finds the website useful.


The Pain and Pleasure Principle 

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