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 All of us have, or have had Moms in our lives, in some shape or form.  Moms are not perfect people. No one tells you what it is like to be a Mom and no one can really fully prepare you for the task. It’s something you have to experience to understand. It’s not easy.

We often cannot comprehend our Moms as we are growing up. We have no clue what they might be going through in life and we are often too selfish, or preoccupied, to even care. We can think Mom is mean, cold, a witch, or any number of things when we don’t get our own way. As a result we can be very unkind and very unappreciative.

We may have had a Mom with very difficult problems, who did not do right by us. Some of us went through very unhappy times because of the way we were treated by our Moms as we grew up. We may have been given up by our natural Mom, or removed from our birth family and adopted into another family. Some of us have wounds that are hard to heal.

However, our Mom is the one who carried us around for 9 months in her body, probably had her figure ruined as a result, being swollen and fat, hot and tired, sick and uncomfortable in the process. Perhaps we were not planned. She was not prepared for the inevitable changes.

Perhaps she almost died in childbirth. It can happen. Perhaps the delivery was long and complicated. Perhaps we were not healthy and needed extra special care.

Perhaps we cried all night long or all day long. She fed us, changed our dirty diapers, washed them and our soiled clothing. Day after day, year after year. She was tired out and gave up many pleasures and personal desires so we could be comfy and safe as little ones. She cried many tears through the years as we grew and changed and moved away from home.

Perhaps she wasn’t the best Mom, for her own reasons. Still we made it here partly because of her. We can at least say that much.

Our Moms may be alive and well, or suffering, or passed on. They may be absent Moms, or we may be estranged from them for one reason or another. It’s different for everyone. Not everyone wants to celebrate Moms, not even on one special day.

However, I’m saying this. Let’s be happy for those who can enjoy this day with especially good thoughts and lots of appreciation for their Mothers. Some of us are filled with gratitude and appreciation for our Moms and all they mean to us. Let’s celebrate the day with them. Moms are the very special and wonderful people who gave us life…..

It’s Mother’s Day……..

I love you, Mom ❤

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