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Music in my family

I grew up with music in my family. My Dad played drums daily, he and my Mom loved to sing and encouraged us to sing too. I remember having impromptu “concerts” in our back yard in East Wemyss with other youngsters who loved to sing.
Dad bought us girls accordions and my brothers bongo drums and maracas, so we made happy noises together frequently. Our Uncle Joe and his boys would sometimes bring trumpets and voices so that we could just have a big happy bash playing together. 

My sister and I were in demand for some local dances, playing our accordions. We were both in the Dunfermline and District Accordion Band and played in many parades.

When I came to Canada, I left two accordions behind in Scotland. My sister sent on the smaller one to me some time later. Wish I had been able to have my bigger one too. However…….I did purchase another slightly bigger one later on, and I have an even smaller one as well! I could start my own band! 😉

I had laid aside the accordion for many years, but when I married, I joined my husband, who played guitar, and we made lots of happy music together. We’d practice many an evening and people would drop by to listen and enjoy. We also played worship music together in church, a lot of the old hymns. I miss those times.

In Bible school, in Alberta, my husband and I played at the local Senior’s Lodge and in the extended care unit of the hospital, at Sunday services, and also at churches we attended while in Bible school and other functions in surrounding places, when we travelled with a group.

I could not play for some time after my husband passed away. It made me cry. However, visiting Christian groups encouraged me and I tried again. It was different, and I missed the guitar very much, but it was good to be playing again anyway.
After dealing with cancer and depression and relocating from remote Kyuquot (my husband’s home and my home for many years now) to a nearby town, I stopped playing again since the accordion was left behind. Then it was brought out to me. In the meantime, I had begun singing at Lodges in town and at the soup kitchen, with a guitar player and 2 other singers. It took a few years, but now I am bringing the accordion along and getting to play with the guitar! It’s such fun! I love the dynamic of the accordion with the guitar.
I tried to make a video of myself, some time ago, playing the accordion, but was pretty nervous. After several aborted attempts, I finally managed to produce this humble little effort (not mistake free by any means) where I play a Christmas song and blow the ending so badly that I stop after the first verse. Haha! I share it here anyway 😉
Hopefully you enjoy the little taste…
AJ ❤

2 comments on “Music in my family

  1. keelymyles
    May 3, 2015

    Love it, ann!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. annj49
    May 3, 2015

    Thanks, Keely! 🙂 😀


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