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Pretty Awesome

WordPress mail.
“———” liked your post on Ann’s Corner. They thought “———” was pretty awesome”
Well, I’m sure glad for the “like”, though I’m not sure I appreciate the generic WordPress term “awesome”. It sounds so…….well, like some teen thing. Awesome! Haha!
I remember a joke about that word awesome. Now I’m not sure if it was by Mike Warnke or by Bill Cosby, but bear with me while I try to mangle it.
“Man built the refrigerator and said it was awesome. God made a tree, and said it was good. Man built an automobile, and said “Awesome!”  God made the rabbit and said “Good!”. 
Well, the fridge broke down and so did the car, but the tree’s still standing and the rabbit’s still running!”
Good! Not AWESOME!
What I DO like, WordPress, is the reminder to go visit that person’s pages. It gives me an instant connection without having to go find that person by scrolling through the reader. For that, WordPress, I am truly grateful.
Pretty awesome!
I mean good 😉
AJ ❤

One comment on “Pretty Awesome

  1. ljaylj
    March 25, 2015

    I don’t know about awesome but I sure did like it. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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