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Losing a ritual…..

Journal notes on Our Daily Bread reading for today, Oct 1, 2014

The ritual of daily devotions is vital.

I’ve read about 30 years worth of Our Daily Bread devotional, getting up early, usually before everyone else, and taking that time with God, to read the word, listen, learn and pray, giving my day a God focus.

What happened?

Depression. Cancer. Financial troubles.

The power of the internet took over?

Did I lose my focus? My first love?

Yesterday, this came up at our gospel community meeting, a gathering of 5 people from our church examining what it takes and means to let the gospel impact your life. I resolved to regain my footing with my devotional habit.

So, here I am this morning, giving this ritual first place again, because I want to meet God in the freshness of the morning and hear his voice to me, through the word and through prayer, knowing that it’s not the ritual itself that was missing, but my need for Christ to be first and foremost, central in my life and that is what is driving the ritual.

My understanding has been broadened and reinforced by two devotionals. This one today from Our Daily Bread and the Sept 30th one from my Daily Journey with Christ, from Charles Price, of Living Truth.

This reading from Living Truth was also on the importance and meaning of ritual in relationship to the knowledge and centrality of Christ, power for serving and living a fruitful life, pleasing to God.

I’m refreshed and thankful!!!

Praise the Lord!


2 comments on “Losing a ritual…..

  1. larry higley
    October 8, 2014

    When we allow His Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth we discover what God has given us is the ability to know Him as He truly is not as many perceive Him to be. We discover our Father and realize how much He truly loves us and how much He wants us to love Him. We discover our Father wants a relationship just like a loving father in the natural would have with his children. Our Father wants us to spend time with Him. We must learn to seek Him for He is always available. We must learn that our Father wants to be our best friend one that we would rather be with than anyone else. Our relationship with our Father should be the best relationship we have in all the earth. Would we neglect the presents of our closest friend? Of course not. Why is it that we find it so easy to forget God? With God we don’t have our six senses to prove He is with us like our friend who stands with us. This is why our relationship with our Father is one of faith. We can see Him but our faith in Him lets us know that He is in our heart with His promise to never leave us nor forsake us no matter how often we fail. When we know we have His Holy Spirit abiding in our heart we can be sure He is always with us and we should learn to acknowledge Him in all of our ways knowing when we do He will be directing our path. Developing our relationship with our Father will be the best thing we will ever do for the relationship we develop with Him here will be the relationship we take with us when we are absent from our bodies and present with our Lord.


  2. annj49
    October 8, 2014

    “With God we don’t have our six senses to prove He is with us like our friend who stands with us. This is why our relationship with our Father is one of faith.”

    Thanks, Larry, for that expression of the difficulty we can sometimes have in relating to God. I sometimes say “I want someone with skin on”. That is a human failing, I think, and it’s just like when the the people asked for a King they could see……it was to their ruin.


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