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A Life That Mattered….

Today there was a memorial for a young man who lived on the streets. The room was filled with friends and relatives. Songs were sung. Memories were shared. Hearts were opened, and so were eyes, because this man had a life that mattered. He had left his stamp on his closest friends, his “family”, those who shared his life on the streets.

His natural family had not been fully aware of the extent of this side of his life, until today. Seeing the strength of His street family, the close bonds that had been forged, somehow was a comfort to his natural family. They saw the shared love and respect that was there for the son they had lost. They saw the impact their son had had on the lives of his friends.

It gives pause to wonder.  What legacy we will leave behind us when we go? How will people remember us? Have we left our stamp anywhere? Did our lives impact anyone?

Memorials are undoubtedly times of reflection. A time to gain perspective. A life lived. A life left to live. A keen understanding that moment can end abruptly.

The contemplation of a life of such impact as the one I witnessed today will surely work change in me. I can start today with whatever time I have left. I can love freely, respect carefully, offer much grace and forgiveness, and laugh infectiously.

Father, open my eyes that I might see what really matters………


2 comments on “A Life That Mattered….

  1. Gwen
    October 7, 2014

    That’s a great tribute to Jimmy, Ann. ❤


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