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Fueling up…….

August 28, 2014

Fueling up….

Did you fuel up today?image
What did you put in your tank?

If I miss out on getting into my bible, I miss out on vital nourishment for my mind and my soul. I miss out on what God has to say to me through His written word. I miss out on a blessing, on an understanding, and on an application of His word to my personal life.

Getting into God’s word takes effort and discipline but there are tangible rewards for spending that time in so doing.

I did this fairly consistently for about 30 years, reading RBC’s Our Daily Bread devotional, and I certainly reaped the benefits, but I have experienced some difficulties lately, especially since retirement, with consistency. You might think that odd, but it is a combination of loss of routine and overuse of the internet.

I try to make and plan my own routines and I do use the bible as a resource frequently on the internet. However, it is much harder these days when I can really do almost whatever I want, whenever I want! Also, internet “noise” can be extremely addictive, with Facebook at the forefront of it all. It’s a wonderful tool, but must be managed carefully!

God, grant me the desire and the discipline to be diligent in my devotional habit!

I read this article from Living Truth (My Daily Journey with Christ) today as well and yes, we need to put the right stuff into our minds (in our tanks) in order to run and function the way we were meant to. There are so many other substitutes out there we could try to run on but none will lead us in the right direction or empower us in the right way. A daily dose of God’s word, in the understanding of the Spirit will sufficiently prepare us, fuel us and carry us safely throughout our day.

Are you fueling up with the best today? Join me in ensuring to fill up daily with the most efficacious fuel of all time, the written word of God and prayer, funneled into an open and waiting “tank”, first thing in the morning!

❤ ❤ ❤


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