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Daily Minute #11, Joy in Jesus

From my Oswald Chambers reading this morning, April 21, 2021.

“Let not your heart be troubled….”

Am I allowing ANYTHING to perturb my heart…?

Am I hurting, disbelieving, or disobeying Jesus by allowing my heart to be troubled?

Where is my heart today?

It’s troubled….

SOMEWHERE, I want to find that joy of faith, SOMEHOW, in the midst of all the troubles of today and the days to come.

I think of a former colleague, an awesome lady who brought a breath of fresh, joyful air everywhere she went, causing some to find her presence UNWELCOME in the same tired, complaining, space! Amazing!

I LOVED her!

She HAD to be a believer (I was not yet one). Her life, her demeanor, was her testimony! I wonder where she is today?

I need some of her attitude!

Well, in all honesty, I really just need to appropriate it for myself…..

Father God…..

May it be so TODAY!!!

Starting NOW!!!!

For Jesus sake, and in His name I pray,


Ann ❤

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