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March 4, 2021

(Thoughts from the morning before NAIM Ladies Retreat


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Today I feel caught.


Technology has robbed me.

Captured me.

Trapped me.

I wanted to write a book.

I made a blog as a way to begin, but it is dependent on technology.

I keep writing thoughts in my notes app, but they are on my phone, dependent on technology. Apparently EVERYTHING is dependent upon technology!

My “life” is encapsulated in my Facebook, online. It regurgitates my memories daily and keeps me occupied and distracted, though, on the plus side, it also helps me stay connected with family and friends. Technology.

Zoom is prevalent. Bible study, conferences, even an art class.

A NAIM Ministries Ladies retreat!


Banking, shopping, doctor visits…..


My phone is deteriorating. It’s only 2 years old but they are systematically designed to need replacement.

Options. I could go get stuff printed off but then I would have paper, and I already have too much “stuff”. It makes me feel trapped.

I guess I wanted to make my “mark” in the world. To say something of note. Something worthwhile. But while it is eminently possible with technology, I see that opportunity rapidly disappearing. Technology today has its dangers!

The current political (“health”oriented) climate is designed to control and direct us, to enact censorship, to cause compliance (to predetermined ways of thinking and acting) and to punish non compliancy. It is definitely succeeding in apparently relentless and unstoppable huge strides forwards. It’s a nightmare coming true before our gradually opening eyes. It is the frog in the boiling water experiment.

All this is part of my re-evaluation of what is important in life. However, aside from technology, I still suffer from inactivity and inability to move forward in dealing with the material aspect of my life.

The “stuff” that I have already accumulated needs to be dealt with.

WHEN will I come to the place of freedom from possessions, of which I have more than enough? Will it be in a crisis, when it is forced upon me? Or can I self activate before then?

What about freedom from technology? Can I break away?

Can, or will, the spiritual capacity in me overtake and conquer the material instincts and mental “addictions” that so successfully overwhelm my psyche? How will this happen in the midst of my despair??????

I believe all of this is emphasized by Covid related events and policies. Our world is shrinking rapidly along with our resources. It’s a spiritual attack. It’s gradual demoralization.

It’s HELL on earth…..

God help us!!!!!

God, help ME!


I attended the first session of NAIM Zoom Ladies Retreat (this evening) and these were my afterthoughts:


I listened to the testimony of the speaker, Grace Fox and was reminded…..

Where is my life raft in tough times?

What/Who do I hang onto when I think I am drowning? Of course…..why do I forget?

Grace’s personal stories today illustrated God’s involvement in our lives in some very dramatic ways (even including incidents around writing her books) . I was reminded of those kinds of times in my own life. God was there. God was undeniably with me. He’s there now too.

I need to remember, especially in the dark times, to hang onto God and His word, His faithfulness, His promises. I need to spend more time with Him, because He is the ultimate answer to ALL of my questions.

It was a good time today of fun, fellowship and surprises. It was nice to reconnect with old friends and partners in ministry.

I’ve also had some wonderful times with another sister in Christ of late, exploring how God’s word speaks into our situations. A true blessing. Shared growth in faith.

Shoring up all these precious times to get me through the rough spots….

I found this image next day. It made me think……..

I can sit in my “cage”, or I can fly free!

Thank You, Lord!


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    March 5, 2021

    Your post is fabulous

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