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A taste of FAITH, a touch of LAUGHTER.


Ivan Vranić

“Our society fractures more each day.
That’s very sad on all levels, whether it pertains to friendships, family, community or country.
Relationships are fragile.
Tend carefully to what you have, however you can, wherever possible…”

That was my answer today to Facebook’s perennial question “What’s on your mind?”, because it is right at the forefront of my thoughts today. I’ve been distressed by things I have seen online today…in posts, in responses, in video clips, in the news and in the papers.

Our world, personally and corporately, is splintered….fractured…..broken. Why?

I think because we can sometimes take our eyes , our focus, off of God, and the things of God, the things of eternal importance and value. Instead, we pay more attention to the things of men and get caught up in attitudes and differences. We become more focused on delineating lines according to human behaviour (that only serves to separate) than on God’s purposes for relationship and reconciliation. We lose sight of God’s plans for life, living, and a future of hope.

2021 is off to a rocky start, but hope still exists, I believe. As I approach my 72nd birthday tomorrow, may I keep my focus on what really matters.


Ann ❤

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