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A Dental Bonus!

We never quite no what surprise life might have in store for us, do we?

I broke a front tooth somehow some time ago, in February, not long before Covid 19 arrived with all of its ensuing restrictions. I had been waiting for insurance approval for the work and of course, due to the prevailing circumstances, the work could not be done.

Note broken and gapped front tooth….

However, with things opening up in June, I had a dental appointment booked for this morning, duly noted, or so I thought, according to my iPhone. I got up earlier than usual just so I could be a little early for a change.

Well, turns out that I went to my dentist appointment an HOUR too early! EEEEKS!!!! I did not want to do the 15 minute drive back into my own part of town, only to have to drive back out again just a bit later. There was nothing much open to pass the time in these Covid 19 days….so….I decided to stay put.

The the receptionist asked me if I would like to use the massage chair. “For an hour?” I asked, incredulous. She said, “Sure, if you want….”

She took me in through the reception office to a room in the back to show me. Well, there I was in this little room with a remote and a chair that pummeled, pushed and squeezed me wonderfully from head to foot basically! For as long as I wanted! What a treat!

Woah! I tried hard not to cry out in pleasure (haha!) as the mechanisms of the massage chair found all the tender spots and did the work on them. I sure didn’t want everyone out there thinking I was having much too much of a good time!

I so WANT one of these!!!!!

I thanked the receptionist after and she said, “Oh, any time you want to use it, it’s there.” Really? It could become my “go to” place! Haha!

Now I am pretty sure, when I think about it, that I have seen the dentist go in there. I thought maybe for a snack, or a drink. Haha! He probably gets a massage for a few minutes so that he can continue to bend over his next patient and do his job more efficiently!

My appointment took over a hour and the majority of that time, it seemed, I was sitting there with one mouthful after another of some different moulding substance (guck) to take imprints for the new tooth. Not pleasant…..but apparently necessary!

However, I came home happier with a plastic tooth inserted, and a better smile! Now to wait for the new tooth to come in and my next appointment to install it!

Messy hair, but check out the front tooth!

I must endeavour to be REAL early for ALL my appointments in future. 😉 😛

Ann ❤

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