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A taste of FAITH, a touch of LAUGHTER.

Logic, anyone?

There is no logic I can see to many events/directives around Covid 19.

So many blatant inconsistencies. I can’t even begin to list here all the disparities I have seen or experienced personally. They are manifold. Another blog post, perhaps…..

Many have suffered patiently and obediently through the various directives placed upon us all, and have endured all of their inconveniences and hardships (not being able to be with close friends and family, even to visit in hospital or attend a funeral) only to witness recent crowds massing in the streets protesting/rioting. Apparently it’s ok (as long as they are “peaceful”) because it is for a particular cause.

Now we hear that a large publicly attended funeral is planned to be held for one man in the news lately, George Floyd. It feels like a sharp slap in the face. I doubt that I am alone in this reaction.

What does this mean for everyone else who has not been able to properly attend to or honour their own personal friends and relatives in ill health and death? Are they of any less significance? Do their own loved ones not matter as much? Why is that protocol does not matter in this particular instance?

Certainly it’s not fair that this man was killed and that injustices were involved, but how fair is all this recent uncensored activity to everyone else who has already suffered through various indignities lately? Where is the justice component in all of this social justice? Where is the balance? Where is the protocol?

Crying in my heart and soul at the senselessness of it all…..and feeling a great deal of frustration for friends and family living through these days.

AJ, June 2020

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June 2020
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