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A Hairy Story

With the arrival of Covid 19, hair and hairdressing became somewhat of a problem. I watched HILARIOUS movies of various attempts by friends to tame their unruly mops by administering their own haircuts. Haha! I just let mine grow.

It became a problem as it got longer and started to curl up on my shoulders and even get in my food. I began to play with it is a way I had not in years, twisting it in my fingers, knotting it together and having to tear it apart, causing multiple split ends. I wasn’t about to try to cut it by myself since I had been going to a really good hairstylist for years and I appreciated a good cut.

I had personally cut my family’s hair (husband, two boys and resident nephew) most of the many years I had lived in a very remote community. It was just what you had to do. I offered to cut hair for my friends now but I guess they were not too sure and summarily declined my offer.

But one day I heard that hair salons were re-opening! I called my favourite place quickly and made an appointment. I asked about protocols. Apparently I could wear a mask or not. Whatever made me comfortable. Yay!!!!

The haircut was TODAY! Happy day! Reunited with my stylist who does a very simple classic cut for me that requires next to no upkeep, just the way I like it. I wash and blow dry and it shapes and turns under very nicely all on its own.

She had to wear a mask, which was not her choice but was a must in order to be open and functioning. We talked about Covid 19 and found ourselves in agreement on many aspects. Interesting!

My hair was done in no time! What a relief! The simple clean style is back and I am a happy camper!

I had asked her to take a before and after picture for a Covid 19 post, so here it is! I’m sharing my hairy story 😉

One I took at home too….

The mirror selfie…..

The end……

AJ, June 2020

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