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A Winner!

I entered a poetry competition at my Senior’s Center recently.

I submitted a few poems (in the nick of time on the closing date of the competition!) in order try to win tickets to an Alfie Zappacosta concert. Though I had honestly no clue about this iconic musician, I thought it would be fun to attend a concert and it was worth a try!

Well, one of my poems made second place, and though I did not win the first place prize of TWO tickets I had hoped for, to attend with a friend, I did get ONE consolation ticket which was donated by the organiser, and for which I’m truly thankful!. My friend (Frank) checked to see if a seat might be available close by mine at least, and got one right next to me! AMAZING!

The poem winning second place was “The Sea Walk”, one of my favourites. and I am posting a link here.

Chuffed I am

Chuffed I be

That I won

With poetry!


(Spontaneous silliness)

Ann ❤


The concert was GREAT!


Zappacosta was all the reviews I had read had said he would be! I had not known who he was before but now I surely did…..

What a powerful stage presence. What a singer! What a range and depth of voice! What emotion…..what audience engagement.


I met him afterwards and got a signed CD to take home with me, along with some video/sound clips and some powerful moments to remember.

That was a most enjoyable experience ❤

All for a poem ❤

Lovely ❤

Not the greatest pic, but it captured a moment!


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