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The Sea Walk

The Sea Walk

Braving the sea walk
One cold wet day
Leaning into the wind
Rain stinging every which way

Wishing it was over
But knowing only this
The best is yet to come
When we get home. Ah! Bliss!

Wet clothes, tingling skin
Warm fire, heating within
The exercise was good for me
Even though that was hard to see

Reminds me of life’s trials
Not pleasant to endure
But lean into them a little
Knowing they will make you pure

Let God have His way
He will see you through
The cold, wet, stinging walk
A benefit to you

God takes the things of life
And puts them to good use
He works His will in His own way
His blessings to produce

So, go on, take that walk
Endure the wind and rain
Look forward to the time
When you are home again

Bask in His loving warmth
Dry off and warm regain
God’s love will bathe your soul
Bring healing to your pain

You will be glad you went
And sure of God’s good grace
As you remember your cold walk
Rain stinging on your face.

You’ll feel His gentle love
You’ll revel in His grace
Knowing this too was good for you
Even this….this cold, harsh place.

Ann Justin, February 11, 2014

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