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June 6, 2019


Midnight Chocolate Santa!

I do fairly well on the Weight Watcher’s program, now known as Wellness Workshops or WW for short. I have lost 60 lbs in a little over a year, and it really has not been such a huge hardship to follow this program as diligently as I can. 

I am getting an education on nutrition and healthy eating, and also on changing my mindset around food and exercise. It is so worth the initial expense of the program, especially since there are no fees now that I have reached my weight loss goal and I have LIFETIME status.

The best thing about this WW program in comparison to others, is that it is not so much of a diet, unlike other fad diets out there, where you lose weight drastically by eating in some unbalanced unmaintainable way, and gain it all back once you return to a “normal” eating style. WW teaches you portion control, slower weight loss, and trains you into healthier food choices in a way that you can successfully maintain for the remainder of your life. 

As our coach said today, it is not about deprivation. You really can eat whatever you want, within a workable framework of checks and balances. WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!

So, to my story…….! 

I shared this today at our weekly meeting and had everyone laughing out loud! The reason I shared it was that the coach was asking what GOOD choices we had made this last week. I could hardly contain my smile. Then she talked about “HICCUPS” or temporary bad choices, which can be “fixed” by a balance of good choices, and I practically laughed out loud! I had to share!

A couple of nights ago I was up late and around midnight I felt peckish and was rummaging in my healthier snack drawer for something reasonable to munch on (WW produces some satisfying low calorie portion controlled healthier bars for these moments. I keep a little stash on hand for these very times and for travel with friends, so I can have a healthier treat when they have their junk food). Nothing appealed to me this particular night.

There is another drawer with other snacks that have been given to me that aren’t so healthy. I occasionally have something out of there. I’m pretty good at the “out of sight, out of mind” thing, so items can stay in that drawer for quite a period of time. 

There was a nice sized chocolate Santa from Christmas (it’s June now). I had looked at it every once in a while deciding it wasn’t worth the points. I would open the drawer, look at it, and close the drawer again. However, on this night, I took it out, held it, looked at it, and wondered what condition it might be in. 

Would the chocolate have deteriorated somewhat, as chocolate is won’t to do? It was June, after all! I opened the foil to expose Santa’s head. It was in great condition! Maybe I can just eat the head and wrap it up and put it back in the drawer….I thought.

Santa’s head, however, was so good, so tasty, that I thought, “I’ll just have some more”…..and then, bit by bit……it was all gone. It was good! I had eaten the whole thing! WOW!

Haha! My midnight chocolate Santa was a lovely “HICCUP” I do not regret. I was more than satisfied! I could balance that “bad” choice out with some upcoming better choices.

I was laughing even more at the meeting because the night before weigh in I had had second helpings of dinner, extra chili on top of extra potatoes!  I thought, what a night to decide to eat more, with morning weigh in coming up. Usually, I eat moderately the day before weight is officially recorded. Hmmm. Another “HICCUP”.

OOOOPS!!!! Oh well….

I weighed in anyway the next day and discovered, to my surprise, I had lost 2.2 lbs!!!!! Amazing! Haha!!!! 

Sometimes a couple of “bad” choices (in moderation) can work to reset your body metabolism to burn more off, though I’m not necessarily advocating that as normal practice. Be careful with it. You CAN have too much of a “good” thing 😉

It’s just that you do not have to deprive yourself of treats. That’s not realistic, or likely to be maintainable. Enjoy something every once in a while! I know I do, but it is entirely manageable.

So, what’s your “hiccup”?

Care to share?

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