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Reblog of An Attitude of Gratitude, Day 5

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Dec 2017.
This is an adapted reblog of a previous post in my earlier 30 day Gratitude Challenge, which can be found on the sidebar of my blog page. There was no reblog button on my original post.
I’m so thankful for friends. Some come and go, and some are forever, but no matter, I still appreciate every one of them for what they bring to me.
I hope I can adequately return the favour to a few…..
Ann ❤
An Attitude of Gratitude, Day 5

December 5, 2012

Today, I am thankful for friendships.

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes from the most amazing and unexpected places. I think they are a wonderful gift and I hope I can appreciate them for all they are.


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Where would I be without my friendships? I need someone share life with, to laugh and rejoice with, someone to cry with and to pray with, someone to challenge me to grow!


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I have enjoyed all of my friendships for so many different reasons and learned so much from all of them. I thank God for each one He has placed in my path.

Today I want to say “Thank you!” to all of my friends. Thank you for your friendship! It means a lot to me. I need you in my life. I hope you all know what a treasure you are…….


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You have blessed me beyond measure……… ♥


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