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My Daughters in Christ………….

Reblogging a friend of mine, relatively new to the world of WordPress. but not to writing what God would have her speak.
Please visit her site and encourage her along the way!


My daughters in Christ………..His love for you knows no bounds. His love unconditional. As you walk thru this world know that you are shinning stars. Much like a pregnant woman you glow from the joy within you. This joy……..The Holy Spirit. Know that you are the temple of the spirit of the Almighty God who keeps watch over you. Sends angels to guide you onto the straight and narrow. The path to righteousness. Know who you are. A child of the Most High God. He knows all your desires and has all your tears saved. The very hairs on your head numbered. Your trust in no other God. He is your Abba Father…….Daddy. Look to Him for all things. Speak in prayer and petition for your needs that He already knows you need. For He cares for you. Continue in Faith and encourage one another. Sisters in Christ we are…

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