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Missing Keys

“Anyone know how to get hold of anyone from Steve Marshall Ford outside of office hours?

My keys, apartment and car keys, are locked in their building…. 😦 “


That was my Facebook cry for help…..

Earlier that day my friend Eva and I had taken the dogs for a walk in order to go pick up her vehicle from a nearby dealership, Steve Marshall Ford. We were killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. We had done several things after that, and then gone back to my place, only to find that my keys were gone!




I keep them attached to my purse since I was always losing them. I use a lanyard and attach it to my purse strap. I don’t know how many times people think I have dropped them on the floor, only to find they are tied onto my purse. It has worked well for me. However, the lanyard had broken and instead of looping it onto the handle, I had to tie it. I thought it was tied well enough, but perhaps it had come loose over time.




Now, without my keys, I could not get into the apartment building, into my own apartment, into my truck, into my mailbox, or into the storage room for the things Eva had stored temporarily. Apart from anything else, there was an item of sentimental value attached to the key ring. I had thought twice about putting it on the key ring the night before, thinking I might lose it. It was just a little nail clipper, in the shape of a guitar, but It had been my husband’s Mom’s and he had allowed me to have it. To me, it was unique, and I treasured it. It also did a very nice job of cutting nails! So much better than the standard clipper!





We thought carefully over the day’s activities, and considered where I might have lost the keys. We thought we would first check the route we had taken on foot to the dealership, to see if we could find the missing keys on the way. On the way, I met a Christian friend, Ron, shared my concern with him, and we prayed about the keys. Thanks, Ron!




Eva DID find my broken lanyard laying in the Steve Marshall Ford dealership yard so I figured someone had just picked up the keys and left the broken lanyard laying there, though when I think about that NOW, why would someone working there have done such a thing? It doesn’t make sense. That would be a bit like leaving garbage lying in the yard. However, it was at least a clue, at the time and we were anxious for clues and a resolution!


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.37.25 PM


We wanted to believe the keys were lost in the dealership yard and had been retrieved by someone there (maybe the mechanic we had stopped to speak to?). We went around the building and peered into the windows, hoping to see the keys on a desk or hanging up. I did see what I thought was them through the window on a desk at the front area. We got very excited and frustrated since Eva did not have a business card with phone numbers. There seemed to be no way to contact someone she knew at the dealership.


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.35.38 PM


So, that was when I thought to put the message out on my Facebook status. Several friends responded helpfully and one reminded me about Aron, a man working in sales in that dealership, who was actually on my list as a Facebook friend, though I did not really know him personally. Many of my friends, however, had purchased vehicles with his assistance.


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.33.18 PM.png


Aron Welsh is a lovely man, who actually responded to my message on Facebook messenger chat and who came out to help straight away, despite having dinner guests, and as it turned out, my keys were not even in the building anywhere, unfortunately! What I thought must be mine as seen through the window were not in fact mine. I felt so BAD!

A security person had also come out because of alarms that were set off and perhaps because we were looking in all the building windows trying to spot my keys…that would likely have been on camera somewhere. A couple of “hoodlums” (Eva and I) planning our break in…. 😉

So, to recap, Eva and I had checked everywhere we had walked. They were not at the dealership. I had called my building manager and they had not been turned in. We were stumped.

As Eva and I sat at dinner in a restaurant, contemplating the situation rather glumly, we thought to call London Drugs because we had walked past there on the way to the dealership. I called and no one had handed in keys. Another dead end. Frustrating.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.12.04 PM.png


I called the liquor store next door to London Drugs as my last resort and GUESS WHAT??????? A lady who answered the call said YES, they had some keys handed in that day. A street person/homeless man had found my keys and turned them in to the liquor store!!!!!!!! Wow!

The lady at the liquor store told us that her next step, if we had not called, would have been to check with Save On Foods because their card was on my ring and they may have had my phone number listed. I had not even considered that. I had a Healthy Way card on the ring too.




FEELING SO THANKFUL!!!  Thank You Lord!  \0/

Answered prayers!  Very cool……:) I love how God works in these situations. ❤

So thankful to my friend, Eva, for being there for me, for suggestions, and for looking everywhere with me all over again! Good friends are worth their weight in GOLD ❤

So thankful for Facebook, my supportive friends there, and, of course, to Aron Welsh, who went out of his way to help, and a lot of trouble, to no avail, and who hopefully is still a Facebook friend after all. I pray there was no reflection on Aron for that whole incident!


AJ ❤

3 comments on “Missing Keys

  1. Dinata Misovec
    April 17, 2016

    I keep my key lanyard around my neck when I go out. Not exactly high fashion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • annj49
      April 17, 2016

      I used to, but I got tired of “clanking” and then I had the purse idea…..


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