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10 Things I’ve Learned

10 Things I’ve learned (In No Particular Order), Writing 101, day 2

1. I can trust God (He has proven Himself faithful over and over!
2. Friends are sometimes not forever (sadly)
3. Family matters (it took a crisis in my life for this to really hit home!)
4. Cancer is not the END (it was rather the beginning of a new life with new priorities)
5. I can do most anything I decide to do (within reason)
6. Having faith is more about BEING than about DOING (this I am still learning)
7. Keeping short accounts is vital (I try to set things right before the sun goes down, or as soon as possible)
8. Debt is a trap (regretfully, I have had to learn this the hard way)
9. Love is the best thing you can do for anyone (only possible for me because God puts it in my heart)
10. Find the funny side (one of my favourite things to do!)

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