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A Leap of Faith, Writing 101, Day 4, A Story in a Single Image

Writing 101, Day 4, A Story in a Single Image

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A Leap of Faith
This picture speaks to me about faith….

It would require much faith for me to leap off that dock into the water. I enjoy the image because the person is caught mid flight, between the dock and the water, and my heart is is in mouth as I think about what I would be feeling right then, if it was me. The picture shows the confidence of the diver. I don’t have that confidence. I’m not much of a swimmer, and I certainly don’t ever dive into the water!

However, it raises thoughts about a life of faith, where I am familiar with leaping off from a safe, known point into situations with a perhaps unfamiliar, unknown destination. Here, I have confidence, not necessarily in myself, but in the God I trust. He makes His presence known to me. He proves himself faithful as I step out in obedience into whatever He has for me. He will sustain me. He will keep me.

I’m reminded of an incident in my life when I lived on a remote island with my husband. A tsunami warning was issued for our community. My husband and his friends were playing cards when the announcement to get to higher land was heard on the CB radio. None of the guys moved a muscle. They kept right on playing their game.

I was worried. I asked if we should be heading off the island to the community gathering place, which was on Vancouver Island, up a hill, by the school. My question was met with brief tales of prior experiences with Tsunamis, lots of laughing and joking. Was I the only one worried? YES!!!!

What would we do, if this was not a little one, but a BIG one? I had visions of our home, which was practically on the beach, being swamped, and us (I don’t swim, and neither did my husband) floundering helplessly in the waters. Help!

I went to my bible for consolation, since none was forthcoming on the home front. I knew there was always an answer for me there, a comfort. God showed me this scripture,

Psalm 46:2 “Therefore will we not fear, though the earth shall be removed, and though the mountains shall be carried into the midst of the sea;”

and this one from Isaiah 43:2,

“When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.”

As I contemplated these scriptures and decided to trust God in this situation, my husband was suddenly saying we needed to get in the boat and go to the store, on another island closer to the mainland. Now we are going to get in a boat, with a tsunami warning in effect? OK…..

We arrived in the store after a safe boat trip. The store lady was somewhat frantic, wanting to get her store shut up and take the short trip to the mainland to the emergency point. “Hurry UP!” was her plea, as my husband wandered slowly through the aisles, getting our supplies. We paid and left, much to her relief, and we headed home (not to the emergency place) by boat.

Everything turned out well, in case you are wondering. There was a surge in the tide, which was not overly noticeable. I learned a lesson about trust. That’s only one story out of many I have to tell (some of them much more dramatic than this one) about times of needing faith to make the next move, or to stay put despite the apparent risk.

It takes a leap of faith…..

AJ ❤

2 comments on “A Leap of Faith, Writing 101, Day 4, A Story in a Single Image

  1. maynotbesoanonymous
    November 8, 2015

    I love the fact that you incorporated the post with a verse.

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