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Pain in the Butt!

Pain in the butt?
Sciatica, anyone?
(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor of any kind, nor a nurse, and these are simply suggestions to examine and follow at your own risk. Doctor friends on here, I ask your forgiveness in advance for meddling where I don’t belong. Please don’t put out a warrant for my arrest!)


Are you having any trouble with sciatica pain? I THINK that’s what is happening to me. I have yet to confirm it somehow. I googled and found some information about how to relieve pain from sciatica (because I like to research stuff) and I’ll share what I found here with you. I’m not claiming any medical knowledge or any cure, but if any of the info helps someone else as some of it helped me, then I’ll be happy enough 🙂

Apparently stretching the piriformis (something I did not know existed) is helpful to some and this can be done several ways, as I will list here. I did not realize I was doing something helpful already in yoga class.

See the yoga exercises in the link below and please read the helpful comments underneath the article as well:
*Spinal twist, I do this anyway, in yoga class, so perhaps that already helps me.
*King pigeon variation, standing up with leg on bed or table. I thought this looked crazy and wondered if I should even try such a thing, but I did! First, I tried it on bed as suggested but my bed was too low. I found a low table that was just the right height for me. I felt a nice warm glow in region after doing this one and definite relief.

See also this cool down exercise article I found. It contains pictures and instructions on how to stretch the piriformis. Similar info, different format.

In all, this was an interesting and productive search for information. I hope it’s useful to someone out there!

It’s YOUR body. Don’t hurt yourself trying…..please!

AJ ❤


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