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Written on July 12, 2013 (for Facebook)

My praying friends……

Just something to ponder…..

Sometimes when faced with prayer requests, I wonder how best to pray. I personally don’t think it’s right to demand of God to “show up” or to do this or do that, because I think we must always remember who we are and who He is. Telling or even asking God to “show up” and “do” something when He is all knowing and everywhere present seems to me to be a bit of an arrogant stance at the least. That’s my own opinion, though I realise it may offend some of you.

Pleading with God about things doesn’t seem to me to be any better a stance to take because then we are like the child with the parent, always wanting and seeking our own way, usually for our own peace of mind, even if it is for the needs of some other person. Intercession is good, don’t get me wrong, but how do we best do that?
I’ve been thinking lately that it’s better to trust that God is already there, that He actually does know what’s best in that situation and He will do what is right and good. It’s better to come to Him with that confidence and trust already in place. We can still express our concerns to Him. We will just be coming from a different place, knowing that His thoughts about it and His ways of doing things are higher and better than ours.

I believe we need to come in our prayers from a place of thankfulness and humility, standing in His strength and resting in His almighty power and above all, remaining in His will ourselves while seeking His will for that situation, which sometimes is far beyond our own comprehension.

Often, in the battle against flesh and blood and also in the battle against principalities and powers, our job is simply to STAND and SEE the salvation of God. Looking at things in the light of eternity and understanding that our enemy is an already defeated foe enables us to simply stand and declare the truth of God into a situation.

I was pondering these things this morning as I read a prayer request and the various prayer responses. I prayed about that request, keeping these things in mind while praying, and then I found this devotional by Charles Price in the “Living Truth” page. It’s the devotional for today, July 12, 2013, called “The Breastplate of Righteousness”. It resonated with me, so I share it with you. If you have a minute or two to read, it’s food for thought!

(This link is not functional. I am trying to update it. Sorry….)

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