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Outdoor Service


Sang and played accordion at an outdoor Salvation Army gathering today. It was a beautiful day, there was nice fellowship and good food. 

I am in outreach ministry with this group, one man and three of us ladies. We sing and play together at local Senior’s Lodges three times a month and the local soup kitchen once a week. I sure enjoy this kind of music ministry.

My straps for this accordion I am using broke again recently. I already had them holding together with a lace, an eyeglass cord, a pretty ribbon and some scotch tape 😉 The last break was really the last straw for this accordion. 

I have 2 others. My preferred accordion lost one of the chord button covers (the G chord, the plastic cover broke in half) leaving me with a metal stump to play. Also, the E chord would get stuck down and playing, which made it impossible to continue a song, and the button needed to be tugged out with a pair of pliers every time it stuck in the down position. Not fun. I liked the sound of that accordion better than the one with all the broken strapping though.

The other accordion is small, more for a student, with limited base and key sound and limited keyboard range. I let visiting kids use it.

The new straps for the accordion in the pics you will see here are too long. It looks as though the accordion is like a piano I am playing on my lap. When I showed my neighbour the pics he came over with an awl and punched a few more holes in the straps for me. It should fit on me more snugly now.

I’m just learning to play a lot of the songs I have only been singing with this team for a few years now. It’s a good challenge for me to pick up some new tunes. I am getting practice time once a week with the guitar player now, which helps a lot.

Anyway, I enjoyed the day out and quite a few came to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed hearing accordion. Glad to have been a blessing, along with the team.


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