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Well, I’m moving next door.

The unit I currently live in is a bachelor suite, an all in one, bedroom, living room, kitchen space. It has big old patio door/windows that are very drafty so it is always on the cold side. Not much room, of course, but it’s cute. And the price was certainly right.

I had partitioned off a space for a bedroom, using a dresser and a shelf. I had to downsize quite a bit when I moved in, from a double bed to a single, but there will be much more space in the unit next door. Can spread all my things out a little more and, one day, perhaps, get myself another double bed. We’ll see.

I’ll be moving just down the hallway, into a one bedroom unit, so it’s going to be nice. It has newer, smaller, better patio doors, and it has been warm when I have checked in there. They are putting the new carpet in today. Looks nice. Smells nice. The rooms will be freshly painted too. I’m looking forward to the extra space, and having the nice sized bedroom. Cost a little more, but it will be great when family comes.

I don’t want to pack. I’m just going to take things over there. Clothing can just stay on hangers and go right into the new and bigger closets. I plan to just take things over in their dresser drawers, move things from one kitchen to the other. I guess I HAVE to take books and knick-knacks off the shelves. Too bad 😉 Hehe!

A few more days…..

Can’t wait!


One comment on “Moving!

    March 11, 2015

    So glad for you getting more room. And sounds like a great way to move your things. Packing and unpacking is not very much fun. 🙂

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