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Jesus Woman

I was at a dinner, sitting by a friend. It happened that I was getting up and down because I was needing to do stuff. It was cramped quarters, so my friend was having to get up and down to let me in and out at our table, ’til finally he said, in exasperation, no doubt, “Jesus, woman!”.

I was a little bit shocked. I wanted to say something but nothing came out. I was thinking about it later in that evening and wondering how I should have responded, as a Christian, when it suddenly came to mind. My retort should have been, “Yes, I am a Jesus woman.” It may have led to some interesting conversation, or perhaps have provoked some thought.

I’ll be ready next time! 😉

AJ ❤

One comment on “Jesus Woman

  1. Susan Irene Fox
    February 28, 2015

    Ann, you’re absolutely right. That response would have been hysterical. That and perhaps asking him if he wanted to change seats with you. 😀

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