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Walking my friend’s dog, Pandora, down at the Spit. Not bad for a winter day, huh? Lots of people out with their dogs in this nice weather.

I’m happy to be able to visit with and walk a dog, because I miss the company of my own dog (see my posts on Rosie and Weiser). I now live in a Senior’s building where pets are not allowed. It’s too bad, because I think having a pet is quite helpful to a lonely senior. As long as the senior is capable of looking after an animal, I don’t see a problem. A pet is wonderful for companionship. They can bring life, laughter and affection into an otherwise uneventful day.

I enjoyed my walk with Pandora today. I appreciate the opportunity to walk with a purpose, and to meet new people. There is something about walking a dog that opens up conversations with strangers. It’s also a great exercise activity and I can always use more of that.

Got to go and walk the dog again…..


3 comments on “Pandora

    January 29, 2015

    Pretty dog too. Although we have too many (four) it is nice to have their companionship. Sandy, one of the small ones is MY dog, or maybe I am HER human. She is with me more than my husband. She will lay on his lap now and then. And she sleeps with us. All of the dogs want to be laps dogs. Even the 80 pounders. It gets interesting now and then. 🙂

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