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Finding My Feet

Finding my Feet……

It has been 7 months since a difficult parting from a loved one. It has been harsh and unforgiving to my soul.

It has also been a time full of GOOD and worthwhile lessons. In retrospect, I have grown to appreciate it.

Progress out of that place of hurt and distress has been very slow, but also very sure, fortunately, and I credit that entirely to the work of God in my life. He sustains me through the thick and thin of life on this earth, through the joys and the sorrows, the pains and the pleasures, all the hellos and goodbyes.

He is ever present, even when I am too immersed in myself and my circumstances to begin to understand or accept that. I am very sure of His constant love and care, even when I am struggling and distanced from Him in the midst of my brokenness. Even when I am angry and resentful. Even when I cannot see my way forward.


He IS there.


He is watching over my broken heart and bringing me healing slowly and surely as I reach out to Him in my anguish. I begin to SEE. The confusing fog and dark clouds of despair lift. Rays of light from the SON (Jesus) break through the darkest parts of life and bring hope and comfort where there seemed to be none. I can receive and extend forgiveness. I can be healed.

God shows me His love in so many surprising ways. It makes me chuckle. It is an absolute delight! He is my provider, always has been. What did I have to fear in my loss? Nothing. I am secure in Him. I’m OK.

I recently sang with the church fellowship group “Jesus Loves Me”. A kid’s song but it’s for adults too. We are God’s children, and He loves us too. I love the song.

At my request, we also sang “Just As I Am” and, surprisingly, unexpectedly, I cried through it for the first time ever, as the words pierced and penetrated into my heart with their truth. I’m His child, just as I am……all I need to do is come to Him and know His love.

I’m finding my feet……

In Him…..

Ann ❤

2 comments on “Finding My Feet

    July 17, 2022

    Hello Ann, so sorry for your loss. Many hugs and prayers for you. I like this post, and all the songs. Especially the last one. It was so beautiful. I really liked that version of Jesus Loves Me. Take care.

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    • annj49
      July 21, 2022

      Just found this comment now. Thank you! I love all these favourite songs too, and the last one is so powerfully presented!


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