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Why Evangelicals Support President Trump

I have fought against public expression of my views and feelings about President Trump, for one reason or another, but here David Ettinger expresses them almost exactly and this I am not reluctant to share this in a puclic format.
Thank you, David!

By David Ettinger

A Justified Question
On February 5, 2020, at a press conference the day after his acquittal from impeachment charges, President Trump used an expletive to describe the Russia probe. Disappointed, I stopped watching.

Many unbelievers and non-evangelical Christians criticize Bible-believers for supporting President Trump, noting he is oftentimes profane, rude, vindictive, and insulting, all things the Bible teaches believers against. This is true – President Trump is all of these – and those who question evangelicals as to their support of him are justified in doing so.

They deserve an answer.

Trump’s Spiritual Condition
There is a segment of the evangelical community which regards President Trump as “God’s anointed” – that the Lord actually “called” President Trump to be president of the United States. Those who endorse this belief are adamant in their devotion to the President, and really do see him as “God’s man.”

I, on…

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3 comments on “Why Evangelicals Support President Trump

  1. charlypriest
    February 7, 2020

    I´m not an Evangelical, I´m just a normal acutally a very bad Christian. I curse too much, get into fights too many, and worst. But I do know that Jesus knows humans are imperfect that would include Trump ( I believe he is a human too) and I believe that a lot of evangelicals are not saints. I also believe that they see the economy is growing and that in the U.S it´s at 3.6% unemployment something never heard off, so many more people including the religious evangelicals are much better off than with the previous president and his policies. The policies of Trump it seems to me they are working, more jobs, more money in you pocket. Do I believe Trump is a religious person? No. Do the Evangelical people think he is, my guess is that the majority in their own hearts know he is not.
    But at the end of the day they have more money in their pockets. That’s why they’ll vote for him again in this election. I don’t believe they dissolve an answer, nobody disserves anything, you own it. Those evangelicals voted for him, I did watch the senate trial and except Romney on one account voted guilty on the part of the Republicans ( I think Mitt is a false by the way, he said he had to vote his conscious and cling to his religion….well, if he voted guilty on the first one that first one assumes and gives the lead way to vote guilty on the second one it´s a continual line a no brainer but he didn’t. He got in line with the rest and voted not guilty on the second article of impeachment and the reason for me is that he was just playing the political game, they are political animals at the end of the day) So explain what to whom if those whom´s already know that Trump is not a practicing Christian, or religious guy. Ever say him go to church every Sunday like Bush did( Like Bush or not he was a religious man)? No, Trump is golfing at his resort, not in church. People know that, people are not stupid, people also know their jobs are growing, they are more secure economically, all about the $$$$.

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