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A “ght” Story

(A piece of writing for Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, using words contains “ght”)

There was no end in sight

Boxes and totes everywhere, full of old things, papers, photos, mementos, bills, cards, letter…all a jumble!

What a plight!

A veritable nightmare!

I had packed stuff higgledy piggledy trying to meet a deadline, some of it while they were dismantling my old house around me.

There were things from many years ago, mixed with current items. All were stacked rapidly into a metal storage container.

I had come back to sort/file and toss, so I worked with all my might, checking every paper, every mixed morsel, seeking out anything important or of value to me or my family. It was some years later before I could tackle the job and unfortunately time had put a blight on some of my favourite things. A white mould! Dust! An unsavory odor of damp!

Many papers and books were ruined. I had to fight back the tears at times, and toss things I had deemed precious. However, the work had to get done. I had a deadline. For two weeks I worked into the night, until the height of my pile of stuff was considerably reduced. I worried about the weight of the load I wanted to take home on the weekly freight boat. It would be expensive!

I worked hard and long and looked a fright! But I got it done, despite my tight deadline! I was finished!

All right!!!!!

@AJ, November 10, 2019


2 comments on “A “ght” Story

  1. Don Evans
    November 11, 2019

    Well done. I enjoyed it (And congrats on going through all your old stuff. A work of love and letting go.)


    • annj49
      November 11, 2019

      Thanks, Don!
      I appreciate you reading my quick write. It was for stream of consciousness where you just sit down and write til you stop, with minimal editing!
      I used all the “ght” words I could in that context!


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