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Spaghetti & Grace

Invited a friend to stay over for dinner and made us spaghetti with a nice meat sauce. It smelled so delicious while cooking. I don’t make that often any more because it can be a high point meal (pasta) on Weight Watchers. However, I had made it through my weigh in that morning and lost a pound, so it was treat night!

It was ready! I asked my friend to help herself and she did. Usually we would sit at the dining table but we were watching TV so I thought we’d just eat in our chairs. I was in my tiny kitchen getting my plate when I heard her voice cry out!

Oh my! Disaster! Oh dear! Spaghetti and sauce everywhere it seemed…..

I got something to mop up with here and there and a dustpan for the bulk of it. My friend dashed off to the bathroom having discovered it on her clothing as well….

So, she was very distraught about the entire situation and I was calm and telling her not to worry….it was ok. There was lots of food so I set about getting her a new plate.

When she calmed down, and we felt we had picked up all the remnant bits from all over, she said I should write a blog story! I did not really want to, though it was a very funny situation.

Well, next thing I knew, there was a Facebook post! There was the whole story! Haha!

I’m posting it here because I don’t think I could have done a better job! I think her story needs sharing!

I’m still finding bits of sauce. Oops, some on the headphone cable, a dash of tomato by the bookcase. I think my carpet might need to be steam cleaned!

Making fun memories…. ❤

The joys of friendship!

I love her story 😉

Enjoy! ❤


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