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A Visit to the Zoo

Back in 2013, I was in Carberry, Manitoba, with my granddaughter while her Dad was away for 6 months. We enjoyed our time together and I made some new friends in and around the community. It was an interesting and challenging time.
I’ll probably write some more about my time and experiences there in some future posts. Right now I want to tell you about a day at the zoo.
One day, a new friend, Heather, took us on an outing to the zoo at Winnipeg. I took pictures and I’m going to share the best of them here. It was a fun day!

The first thing I want to share with you is the fountain. I fell in love with it and had to capture the scene.

Heather had brought the kids special T-shirts to wear. I loved them and had to snap a quick pic.

Next up, the peacock. This bird amused me. I waited patiently for a pic of the tail. Here’s what happened….

The peacock was RELUCTANT!

The peacock was STUBBORN!


The final pic is not the best but it’s what I got, after all the waiting! I’m happy to have it!
Next up…..the zebra. I fell in love with this one too 😉

Then the lions. They were lazy, quite bored, and waiting for dinner.

When they knew dinner was finally on its way, they began to pace and came to the fence, quite close, to look at us. I’m sure glad the fence separated us! This fellow seems to be challenging “What are YOU looking at?”

After a rather macabre and bloody feeding, which made us all shudder, we moved on.
Next up, the tiger…..

Looking regal…..impressive! I really liked this one. Stood and admired for a while.

These guys….looking right back at us….. 😉 FUNNY!

Thing One, Thing Two and Thing Three…….standing on the big rock 😉

They had a fun day altogether.

Mhmmmm…….the one in pink! 😉 ❤

It was a busy day, but a GOOD day!Memories were made and these are only a few of them. I hope you have enjoyed with us 🙂

(Me, that day in 2013)

Ann ❤

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