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Elevator Dysfunction

Pet Peeve



This is a bit of a rant because I am frustrated with a frequently occurring, very annoying and upsetting problem we are having in the senior’s building where I now live.


We have an old (probably original) elevator that just keeps breaking down. Many seniors have difficulty with stairs and some of us (including myself) live on 4th floor. Some use walkers. Some have COPD or other disabilities which make stairs a problem.


Our elevator breaks down often and the repair man comes to fix it whenever he can. It can take some time for him to come, sometimes days. It depends where he is working at the time and what his schedule is. Anyway, he eventually arrives, repairs and leaves and it breaks down again shortly after. Over and over.





People don’t trust the elevator. People have been stuck inside it and it can take rescue people up to 45 mins to come.


It was out last night after just being fixed but recovered itself somehow. This morning it was out again, so the repair man came. Spent time working on it carefully. Fixed it.


A few minutes later, however, someone was stuck inside it and texting people outside. Lucky the lady had a cell phone. Not all tenants have those or are used to things like texting. The majority of our seniors are not at all tech savvy.


Fortunately someone managed to open the door for that lady by pushing in on it somehow. Anyway, we are now without our iffy elevator again.


The repair man acknowledges that we are long overdue for a replacement. It is no reflection on him and his repair work. He is only here to fix it.


Our building management knows all about it because it is a high frequency complaint. However, it appears that no funds are available for a new one. The overruling board must know the situation.


I don’t who we can appeal to for funding or action of some sort. It’s ridiculous and something needs to get done.


Is there anything anyone here can suggest? I think it’s really an atrocious situation for elderly and mostly disabled people to be in. I’m fortunate to be mobile enough still but many here aren’t. It’s annoying for me but must be very hard for many others here.


What can we do???



In frustration, I posted to Facebook:


The elevator in our building just keeps on breaking down. It’s ridiculous!

Well, I got my exercise climbing stairs to the 4th floor 😉 😛

I guess I will give thanks for legs that still work 🙂 😉


This is a Pet Peeve, but I can still choose to be thankful 😉


Ann ❤

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