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Hard Words

My devotional reading for this morning. My Utmost For His Highest, Oswald Chambers.

Heard any hard words lately?

I have….

Am I listening?

Will I let them bear fruit?

He speaks these hard words into the stillness of our hearts.

If you hear them, will you listen? 

What will you do?

What will I do?

Choices……. ❤

Sometimes I am discouraged and despair of myself. Then I remember God’s love and patience with us all, His ability to forgive, heal, and restore us as we continue to learn and grow. I am encouraged to keep going, to follow Him, despite my many failings. 

I’m also encouraged to extend that kind of love and patience, His love and patience, to others in their times of trial and testing. It’s only by the power of His Spirit, as He enables me, that I can come to any kind of understanding as to what they might be going through in this process.

Perhaps it’s all part of the process of bearing fruit………<3

Ann, in His love ❤

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